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Disclosure & Affiliated Parties Notice: Buyer(s)/Investor(s) are hereby notified that there is typically common ownership between the holding companies/trust(s)/seller(s), hereafter known as Seller/Assignor, and A-1 Management and Realty Group, LLC. and its Affiliates. Notice; Our holding companies/trust(s) are commonly used to contract/purchase properties at discount from distressed sellers, banks, investors, etc., Buyer(s)/Investor(s) are hereby notified that they must read, understand and agree to all terms of this disclosure before buying any property from the seller(s)/assignor(s). Properties will be marketed to both buyers and investors as a purchase and sale contract or as an assignment of contract, depending on status of the contract at the time of marketing. Most properties will be offered at discount prices to reflect the distress/condition, and the status of contract at time of marketing. Buyer(s)/Investor(s) are hereby notified that all properties are marketed/sold/assigned with “as is/where is” pricing, and no warrantee or representation is implied or given.  Properties on this web site/list/advertising may be owned outright or under contract to sell/purchase/assign at any giving time, we work hard to keep the status updated at all times but all information is subject to change at marketer’s discretion. Buyer(s)/Investor(s) understand Seller/Assignor has never lived in, resided in, or had any kind of professional inspection(s) of any kind to the property or improvements. Buyer(s)/Investor(s) are also hereby notified that the Seller/Assignor may have only the disclosure that has been given as part of, their contract to purchase (if any) from the seller/bank/investor, etc.  Buyer(s)/Investor(s) understand and agree that due to distressed situations at time of purchase/sale/assignment all properties are sold/assigned without any knowledge or representation of any kind. Buyer(s)/Investor(s) are also hereby notified that there is typically no inspection(s) and it is the sole obligation of the Buyer(s)/Investor(s) to complete his or her inspection(s) before buying any property. Buyer(s)/Investor(s) understand and agree that if any part of this disclosure is not clearly understood and agreed to the Buyer(s)/Investor(s) should and will seek legal advice before entering into contract/assignment to purchase.